What We Offer

  • Stabilization
    We meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to be.

    Ensuring that a family or individual's basic needs are met with dignity is the critical first step to lasting personal transformation. NNC supports these efforts through:

    ❖ Rapid Response Case Management

    ❖ Partner Centered Referrals

    ❖ Onsite Resource Access

  • Education
    We provide access to high quality scholastic opportunities to gain the skills for a better future.

    NNC has offerings designed to support intellectual growth at every stage. Our current program includes:

    ❖ NNC Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® Summer Program

    ❖ Emerge Institute for Working-Age Adults

    ❖ Golden Academy for Older Adults

  • Transformation
    We offer a safe space for all people to discover who they are meant to be.

    Personal growth and development is an ongoing process that requires socio-emotional support to reach each milestone. NNC partners with qualified individuals, community-based organizations, and socially responsible businesses for:

    ❖ Single Parent Support Groups

    ❖ Wellness Workshops

    ❖ Arts and Cultural Experiences